Key Conditions of working with us;

Most Automist installations are intended to secure approval for a project. It is critical that you secure agreement with the authorities (normally Building Control) that you will use Automist® Fixed or Smartscan for your project, before going ahead with us. If your project meets the Building Regulations guidance, you will normally be allowed to use Automist® instead of sprinklers thanks to a series of Approvals called Registered Details and the BS8458 that the Smartscan system holds. Occasionally, you may need help winning the support of Building Control. Please do contact us and we can support you with this.

Our quotations are based on the original drawings that you provide us, and assume that each stage of our work can be completed in a single visit. Should there be a need for further visits due to the project not being ready or the drawings being inaccurate, an additional return visit cost will be incurred. Any alterations will need to be re-surveyed and re-quoted. The quoted price is based on carrying out the work continuously, with full and un-restricted access, during normal weekday/ weekend working hours 8.00am-6.00pm Monday to Saturday, unless necessary works are required.

Payment Terms;

Pro forma invoice of 75% is raised on acceptance of installation and payment required 7 - 10 days prior to 1st Fix installation. Final Invoice of 25% is raised after the Final visit and system(s) have been fully installed and commissioned, this is payable by return, and commissioning certification is provided on receipt of the full balance.

All parts and materials remain the property of Vapourmist Solutions Ltd until full payment has been received.

Our price includes all necessary parts, labour and access equipment, subject to the limitations of gold or silver service. Our price excludes making good disturbed areas.

Additional Information;

We assume an area will be available at no cost, where our fitters can work free from obstruction. Particularly with our Silver Service level, your contractors will need to prepare the site to receive Automist®, including electricity, water and other cabling. Channelling/chasing may be required in solid ceiling(s)/wall(s). Additional details of what you will need to arrange are provided in the Pre Installation Requirements of our Website.

Installation Services

Whether you opt for silver or Gold we require the following for all installations;

  1. secure your Building Control firm’s approval in principle for Automist®
  2. find out which rooms must be protected by Automist
  3. Establish whether the approver needs a sprinkler-equivalent system (Automist Smartscan®), or the older Automist® Fixed System, which is normally used in loft conversions
  4. provide us with accurate plans of your property

Vapourmist Solutions may need to survey your property to confirm proposed equipment locations.

Gold Service

Vapourmist Solutions’ Gold Service is our top-tier package designed to allow you, the client, to relax and let us take care of it all for you. If you choose to take the Gold Service option with Vapourmist Solutions, all the pre-installation work will be carried out by a Vapourmist Technician. Vapourmist Solutions Do Not Make Good.

Silver Service

If you choose the Silver Service, you or your agents will need to provide various services before Vapourmist Solutions can install and commission your Automist® System. These “Site Requirements” are outlined in the Pre Installation section of our website.

Silver Service will normally be more cost-effective for you, but will require some management effort on your part, and there can be delays and extra charges if the site is not ready on time.

Commissioning and Sign Off

Once the Automist® System has been installed, the Technician will commission the system.

An Automist® commissioning certificate will be supplied once the process has been completed and the final payment received. At that time, you will also receive the manufacturer’s Warranty Certificate which covers the Plumis Automist® Equipment from date of installation for 24 months (extendable to 48 months through servicing)

Our Guarantees

  • Our supply and installation work will be to the highest standards.
  • All staff are fully qualified.
  • We have business insurance to the value of £5,000,000.
  • We will commission the equipment and will provide certificates.
  • The Automist products we provide come with an extended manufacturer’s warranty of 4 years, provided that annual services are carried out.

Our side of the relationship

We would like our relationship to be built on the following principles:

  • We will reply to all calls within 1 working day.
  • We will reply to emails and letters within 2 Working days.
  • All proposals will be replied to with the Layout and the pricing within 5 working days.
  • We will do our best for you always.
  • All subcontractors will be qualified and insured.
  • We must communicate with you at all times.
  • We will always respect your property and leave the site as we found it.

Your side of the relationship

We ask the following of you in return:

  • You will be precise with your instructions.
  • You will answer our calls and emails within 5 working days.
  • You will keep to the terms of the agreement and pay the invoices within the stated time frame.
  • You understand that no works will be carried out until the payment of the Pro Forma invoice has been cleared.
  • You should advise us at the earliest time if you are at all unhappy with our performance and allow us time to make good.
  • You must communicate with us if you are unable to keep an appointment.

Use and Maintenance of Automist®

You will have been left a manual for the system, but please contact the Vapourmist Office should you require any further assistance.

If the system is activated, it can be stopped by pressing the 'STOP' button on the front of the Automist® Pump. Vapourmist Solutions Ltd cannot be held responsible for the manual activation of the system. Automist® Equipment is designed to be serviced annually, and the manufacturer provides an additional two years’ equipment warranty (a total of four years from installation) where the annual service schedule has been kept.

Our installation price includes any servicing or maintenance of the equipment required during the first 12 months following installation. Annual servicing is required and is not included in the installation price.

Vapourmist charges as follows for the annual service:

  • First Pump - £125.00 +VAT
  • Additional Pumps - £90.00 + VAT per pump

Our objective when we service your installation is to leave you with a fully working and tested system. Your service charge is intended to cover small maintenance works and our technicians are trained to troubleshoot if they find problems. If we find that your system has been damaged, or has been incorrectly installed by another installer, but we are able to repair it during the course of a normal visit, we will document the changes we have made to your system and we reserve the right to make a charge commensurate with the work and components involved in the repair. If we discover major problems with your installation that we cannot repair during our planned time slot, we will let you know in writing what problems we found and whether it was possible to commission the system(s). Vapourmist® is not responsible for any problems arising from other installers’ installation or service work.