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Automist® - Affordable domestic fire sprinkler alternative

No False Alarms – Automist® is triggered by a reliable heat alarm. Unlike smoke alarms (optical and ionisation), a heat alarm won't go off accidentally even when cooking.

No Human Intervention – Automist® triggers automatically. When faced with an uncontrolled fire it is best practice to "get out, stay out and dial 999".

Low Maintenance – The only maintenance is 5 minute commissioning procedure, which is activated by pressing a button on the control box.

Prevent damage to your property – Automist® can be used to protect fire hazards identified by a fire risk assessment. When a fire starts in a house it can spread quickly. Independent testing showed that Automist® can quickly suppress and control fires.

Best value – Automist® offers effective active fire suppression, without many of the shortcomings of traditional sprinkler systems.

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