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Plumis Fire Suppression Systems

1) Fixed System

A standard Automist® installation requires a dedicated mains circuit in FP200 cable and a water supply with 1-10 bar pressure and a flow of at least 6 litres per minute. It can be installed seamlessly and unobtrusively to meet building regulations in a number of configurations:

2) Personal Protection System (PPS)

Automist® PPS is a portable version of the Automist® system with an integrated water tank and battery back-up system. Automist® PPS provides water mist personal protection, in an easily installable and removable package which does not require a dedicated power or water supply. It is designed as a key tool for managing the risk of fire for vulnerable individuals.

  • Fits behind a radiator cover (1190mm (w) x 865mm (h) x 150mm (d))
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Customisable detection
  • Integrated GSM autodialler
  • Key switch on / off button
  • At least 12 mins of active suppression (expandable by modular design)
  • Customisable water mist spray pattern
  • Battery backup

Click here to learn more about Automist® PPS.

3) Smartscan

We believe that we’re taking the next step in fire safety. We allow home design to be as beautiful as possible, while delivering a solution which meets industry fire performance standards.

Click here to learn more about the upcoming innovation in fire protection from Plumis called Automist Smartscan.